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To make the school year easier for your child, help them develop more efficient school time routines. Implementing routines for the most chaotic parts of the day can help them stay on the right track.

School Routines to Help Your Child Stay on Track

The start of the school year can quickly turn...
As the new school year approaches on the horizon, now is a great time to start preparing your child for a successful academic year. Use these tips to help them get ready for their best year yet.

Help Your Child Prepare for a Successful School Year

Your child may not be excited about the...
It's easy for students to lose knowledge they worked hard to acquire if they don't put it to use during the summer months. To fight off the summer slide, use these educational summer activities.

Educational Summer Activities for Students

The summer slide is a very real threat for students all...
For many students, finding the energy to do their homework after a long day at school can be tough. Instead of leaving it for the last moment, use these tips to help your child get it done faster.

Tips to Help Your Child Get Their Homework Done Without a Struggle

Academic life can be quite...
Preparing a school presentation can be a daunting task for students. To help your child get their presentation just right and lose the nerves around it, use these tips.

Help Your Child Prepare a School Presentation

If your child has a class presentation coming up, help them prepare their best...
The SAT can cause many students to get stressed out way before their test day arrives. To help your child be better prepared for the exam and lose some of the stress, check out these SAT prep tips.

Tricks and Tips to Make Preparing for the SAT Easier

It's no secret that the SAT is a pretty big...

Academic burnout can be hard to distinguish from the stress students are usually under, but there are some signs to look out for. If you suspect your child is burned out, look out for these signs.

Signs of Academic Burnout

There's no doubt that school is more competitive now that it has ever...
Getting good grades in school isn't easy for all students to achieve. If your child has suddenly started getting lower grades , use these tips to get them back to their best.

How to Improve a Student's Grades

School can be tough for many students, so getting perfect grades can be a real...
If you've noticed that your child hasn't been motivated to do well in school recently, don't get frustrated. Instead, focus on figuring out where this lack of motivation is coming from.

Easy Ways to Motivate an Unmotivated Student

Whether it's the midyear point that has your child feeling...
Messy handwriting isn't uncommon in most schools, but this doesn't mean you should just let it go. To help your child improve their penmanship, use these handwriting tips.

How to Improve Your Child's Handwriting

If you're having trouble understanding your child's handwriting, chances are you...


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