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When it comes time to apply to college, your child may start to feel pressured to choose a major. While this decision may seem overwhelming for some students, it really doesn't have to be.

Tips to Make Choosing a Major Easier

For many high school students, one of the most overwhelming parts of applying for college can be choosing a major. This may seem like the most important decision of their life, but this really isn't the case. To help your child make an informed decision that feels less daunting, use these tips.

What Is It?

First off, it helps if you and your child know what exactly a college major is. This is basically the area your child will specialize in or focus their studies on. Not all of their college classes will be for their major because universities also require students to take general education classes. These will differ based on the school your child chooses to attend, but in general, only about one-third to half of the classes your child takes will be for their major. Oftentimes, they will also be able to specialize in something within their major. It's also important that your child knows that this one choice won't dictate their future. A lot of people end up working in careers that aren't necessarily related to their major, so they shouldn't feel like they're trapped once they choose theirs.

When Does Your Child Have to Declare?

If your child is feeling pressured to choose a major before entering school, remind them that this isn't necessary. In most cases, students don't have to choose a major before entering school. They can start school undeclared and start off taking general education classes. When they have to declare by will depend on their school, but students usually have until the end of their sophomore year to do this. For some competitive majors or those that require a heavy class load, declaring sooner rather than later will be needed. Your child should check these specifications with their school.

Have a Career in Mind

If your child knows what career they want, this can help them choose their major. There usually isn't one single path to achieve their career goals, but knowing where they want to end up will make it easier to get there. For example, if your child knows they want to be a medical doctor, then they know they will have to go to medical school after their undergraduate studies. In order to get into medical school, they will have to meet certain requirements in their undergraduate studies. This means they will have to pick a major that ensures they will meet these specific requirements. To ensure your child is able to stay on top of their academic work, enroll them in tutoring in Santa Rosa. To find the right program for your child's needs, check out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa CA. To learn more about these, give their learning center a call at (707) 521-9590.

Get Advice from Professionals

If your child is feeling a bit lost, it can help to talk to a professional in a field they're interested in. They may want to explore their career options further in order to get a better idea of what the day-to-day looks like. This can make choosing a major a bit easier. Once they know what career they want to work towards, they can also get advice on majors, interning, and graduate school options that can lead them to their dream career.

Explore Different Options

If your child is still unsure about their major, remind them that entering college undeclared is perfectly fine. In fact, your child may have a couple of majors they're having trouble choosing between, so taking introductory classes at the start of college can make this choice easier. Your child may also have the option of completing a major and minor or a double-major, so there's no need to limit themselves.

Changing Majors

Finally, if your child chooses a major and then realizes it's not quite what they wanted, they have the option of switching their major. Knowing that they have the option to change their mind can help them feel less overwhelmed by this one decision.

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