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Exam season can be very stressful for students. However, there are plenty of ways to help your child relax and do well on these exams. Check out these tips from The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa, CA.

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Help Your Child Conquer Exam Season

During midterms or finals, the number of exams your child has to prepare for can be daunting. This alone can cause quite a bit of stress and anxiety. To help them do their best and keep their cool, teach your child these simple tricks.

Set Small Study Goals

If your child tries to tackle too much in one study session, they will definitely feel overwhelmed. They will be basically setting themselves up to fail, which can add to their stress and negative feelings. Instead, they should focus their short study sessions on mastering one lesson at a time. Your child's textbooks will likely break down larger lessons into smaller sections focused on more specific topics. Your child can follow this and take one lesson at a time. Mastering the smaller pieces will build up and will make your child's study sessions feel more productive.

Take a Break from Tech

With so much information online and so many apps and programs made for studying, it's no wonder students love to use their laptops and tablets to study. Even so, it's important that your child takes a break from tech every once in a while. Reading and writing while staring at a screen can get tiring and can become less effective as your child gets worn out. Encourage them to take notes with a pen and paper and use their textbooks when they can. In fact, writing things down on paper will help it stick better than doing it electronically.

Avoid Cramming

Cramming is not a good way to study since it doesn't usually lead to really understanding the lessons and can add even more stress to your child's studying. Help your child come up with a study plan so that they don't leave it all to the night before the exam. They should schedule shorter study sessions in the days or weeks leading up to the exam so that they have enough time to calmly study all the material and really learn it.

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Try Different Study Methods

There are tons of study methods your child can use, so it's no use sticking to one if it's not working. Just because it works for their friends doesn't mean it'll help them prepare for an exam. Have your child try out different study methods that align with their learning style so that they get the most out of their study sessions. This will be helpful in the long run since they'll know what methods work for them moving forward.

End Study Sessions on a Positive Note

When your child is done studying, have them list at least three new things they learned. This will help them notice the progress they're making, which can help them stay motivated to continue studying. This will also help them end their session on a positive note so that studying doesn't have negative connotations. Recognizing their progress will also help them feel more at ease about their upcoming exams.

Remind Your Child to Try Their Best

Finally, your child may think that one test will affect the rest of their life, but this isn't quite true. While it may seem like their life depends on one grade, it's important that your child doesn't feel this much pressure. That mentality can make their exams more anxiety-inducing, causing them to detest school. Remind your child that most teachers also take homework, classwork, quizzes, and participation into account when determining a final grade, so there's much more to it. If they do get a bad grade, it's a learning experience for them. They can take it as an opportunity to improve, so be sure they stay motivated.

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