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As the new school year approaches on the horizon, now is a great time to start preparing your child for a successful academic year. Use these tips to help them get ready for their best year yet.

Help Your Child Prepare for a Successful School Year

Your child may not be excited about the upcoming school year, but there's no avoiding it. To help turn their nervous anxiety into healthy excitement, help them prepare for the new school year before it arrives. To have a successful academic year, use these tips to prepare your child for their first day back in the classroom.

Start By Setting Goals

Giving your child a clear target to work towards can make their school year much more productive. Before the school year starts, sit down with your child to discuss the different types of goals they may want to set. After discussing what they hope to achieve, assist them in creating specific, measurable, and attainable goals. Each goal should also have a plan that your child will use to reach the finish line. Include some check-ins along the way so that your child can ensure they're staying on track to meet their goals.

Set Clear Expectations

As a parent, it's important that you have clear expectations for your child. From taking responsibility and getting their homework done without having to be told to behaving in class, set some clear expectations before the school year starts. Talk to your child about these so that there isn't any confusion. Be clear and do your best to communicate with your child. This is also a good time to reassure your child that you will be there to support them during the school year. They may even have some expectations for you, so be sure to listen if they want to bring something up during this conversation.

Get Organized Before the First Day

To get started off on the right foot, make sure your child is organized and ready to tackle their first day successfully. Before their first day arrives, give your child a planner where they can keep track of their homework assignments, class projects, and other important dates. It can also help to have a calendar at home where they can write in important dates for tests, competitions, and other commitments. Have them tidy up their workspace and prepare it for a new school year so that it's all ready to go. Give your child the help they need to make this school year a successful one by enrolling them in tutoring in Santa Rosa. The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa CA offers a number of academic programs that can help your child reach their best this year. Learn all about these by giving their learning center a call at (707) 521-9590.

Finish Summer Homework

Many students will have some assignments that will need to be completed during their summer break. As their first day back approaches quickly, be sure to check in on your child's progress. You may be surprised to learn they haven't exactly started working on their summer homework just yet. Whether they've started or not, now is the time to come up with a gameplan that will ensure they finish it all on time. If they have friends who are in the same position, encourage them to work together and get it done faster.

Go Shopping

If your child isn't feeling excited about going back to school, an easy way to turn that around is with some back to school shopping. Do some school supplies shopping and stick to basic items for now. Allow your child to pick out some pens, pencils, and notebooks that will get them excited to put them to use. Once your child is back in class, their teachers will likely hand out a more specific list of supplies they'll need, so don't try to buy it all now.

Practice for the First Day

Finally, the best way to prepare for the first day of school is by practicing. If your child has gotten used to going to bed late and sleeping in, this can make it much harder to have a good first day back. A few weeks before the start of classes, have your child go to bed earlier each night and get up a bit earlier each morning. Create a bedtime routine and a morning routine that they can practice to make all of this easier.

Academic Tutoring in Santa Rosa, CA Works

Tutoring in Santa Rosa can help your child make the most of the upcoming school year. Check out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa CA to find the best fit for your child. To learn more about these, give their learning center a call at (707) 521-9590. Be sure to ask about your free diagnostic assessment.


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