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If your child is approaching preschool, you may be worried that they aren't quite ready for it. To ensure they're as prepared as possible, use these tips from The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa.

Easy Ways to Get Your Child Ready for Preschool

For many parents, sending their child off to preschool can be a stressful step to take. Not only do they worry about how their child will react in this new setting, but they may also be concerned their child isn't as prepared as other students. To ensure your child is ready for it all, use these tips to prepare them for this step.

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Teach Your Child to Be Independent

One of the concerns you may have about sending your child to preschool is that they aren't quite ready to fend for themselves. Luckily, this is something you can practice at home so your child builds up their awareness and responsibility. Think about the sorts of things your child will do at school and help them develop skills that will make their day go smoother. For example, get them in the habit of hanging their coat at the door, putting their backpack in the right space, and washing their hands before meals. These may seem like easy tasks, but your child may be used to getting help doing it all which won't be the case at school.

Play School at Home

To get your child more comfortable with the sorts of activities they'll be participating in at school or for the types of interactions they'll have, play pretend school at home. You take on different roles, such as the teacher, your child, a fellow student, and yourself to guide your child through different scenarios. Maintain a positive attitude through it all so that it looks fun and easy to your child. This can lower the stress they're feeling about going to school and make them feel more at ease about the sorts of things they can expect.

Read About Preschool Together

If you have reading time with your child, this can be a great time to talk about preschool. Look for children's books about preschool that you can read to them. Although these may be storybooks, they can introduce your child to different aspects of starting school while easing their nerves. Let your child ask you questions about the characters' experiences and answer them honestly.

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Practice Basic Skills

On the other side of things, you may be worried your child isn't as prepared as other students when it comes to academic skills. The best way to ensure they are is by practicing at home. To help your child develop important motor skills, start practicing things like writing and cutting. This will help them get comfortable with how to grip a pencil and how to hold scissors. Once they master this, they will have an easier time controlling the pencil and the scissors. This may seem small, but it's important that they learn to handle these objects. Start them slow with some simple tracing and cutting exercises and then move on to more challenging tasks.

Learn to Identify Basic Items

It's also important that your child works on identifying basics like letters, colors, and shapes. You can play different games at home to help their memory so that this is a breeze by the time they start preschool. Play I Spy with your child using colors and shapes to make this sort of practice fun and not feel like a chore. As they get better at identifying letters, start working on teaching them how to write their name. They can also start to learn how to sound out letters.

Practice Social Skills

Finally, it's likely that your child isn't interacting with a ton of other students at home. This can be a huge change when they enter preschool since they will have to learn to take turns, share items, and even wait to get help. Practice these sorts of things at home as well as following directions, sitting still, completing a task in one sitting, and cleaning up after themselves.

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