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If your child is preparing to go to college this fall, the summer gives them a great opportunity to get organized. Use these tips to help your child be as prepared as possible for this change.

Tips to Help Your Child Prepare for College

Starting college can be super exciting for all students, but it can also be overwhelming. Luckily, your child can use the summer months before school starts to get prepared. To help your child use this time to get ready for college, use these tips.

Take Note of Important Dates

Starting college means there will be a number of dates to keep track of. Your child may have deadlines for applying for on-campus housing, financial aid, and even for enrolling in classes. To ensure they don't miss any important dates, keep a calendar they can use to keep track of all of these important happenings. On top of these dates, they should also take note of when their move-in day is as well as orientation and any other events they will have to attend in person.

Finish Summer Homework

Even if your child hasn't started college courses yet, it's very likely that they will get some summer assignments. A lot of this may just be reading, so make sure it gets done. Your child's summer homework should get done on time because it will help ensure they don't start their classes and are already be behind. Help your child find the books they need early in the summer so that they have plenty of time to get this work done.

Look up Their Roommate

If your child will be living on campus, then chances are they will be moving in with a roommate. If this roommate is someone they don't know, encourage your child to get in contact with them before the school year starts. This will help them get to know the person they will be living with so that move-in day is a lot less awkward. Your child and their roommate can also make plans for their room and decide who's taking what. They can decide if they need things like a microwave, mini-fridge, or anything else they will be sharing. If your child can use some extra help getting back to their academic best, enroll them in tutoring in Santa Rosa. You can the right program for your child by checking out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa CA. To learn more about these, give their learning center a call at (707) 521-9590.

Buy Textbooks

When your child enters college, they will have to buy a number of books for their classes. They can often get a list of the books they will need before the class even starts, making it easier for them to order what they need and be prepared for class. Help your child look up their textbooks and find good deals on them since these can be quite pricey. Don't forget that the school's library may also have a lot of these books, which can be a great resource if all of your child's books add up to too much.

Do Some College Shopping

Beyond just buying textbooks, there may a number of other things your child may need to purchase before their first day of school, especially if they will be living in the dorms. For starters, your child will need toiletries and a shower caddy for all of their shower supplies. Your child may also want to invest in new bedding or decor for their room. A lot of stores have great sales during the summer for these sorts of items, so browse what's on sale so that your child can find all the things they'll need for their new arrangement.

Keep Looking for Scholarships

Finally, college can be expensive, so don't stop looking for scholarships. Encourage your child to continue searching for these as well as applying for them. Your child will have more free time in the summer to dedicate to writing essays and filling out applications, so don't blow this off because you think it's too late. On top of this, your child can also look for a summer job or get to know how to find a job on campus when the school year starts.

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