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For students, the role their parents' play in their education can make a huge difference when it comes to future success. To get involved in your child's academics, use these tips.

Easy Ways to Play an Active Role in Your Child's Education

If you want your child to succeed academically, one of the best things you can do is stay involved in their education. As your child gets older, this can seem more and more difficult. In reality, there are tons of ways you can play an active role in your child's education without any sort of struggle. To help you do this, check out these tips from The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa CA.

Do Homework Together

It's best to let your child work on their homework all on their own since homework is meant to encourage them to put their new skills to use. Rather than working on all of their homework as a team, simply do your own homework while sitting in the same room as them. Your homework may be anything from paying bills to catching up on some work at home. If your child does need help with something, being in the same room as them or close enough to where they can call out to you is ideal. When they do need help with their homework, do your best to guide them without doing it for them.

Make Time for Reading

Reading with your child from an early age is a great way to ensure they develop a love for reading. Since reading is the foundation for just about every subject, having strong reading skills will help your child perform better in all of their classes. Taking the time to read together daily will turn this activity into something fun and will help you keep up with your child's academic growth. If they show signs of a struggle with reading, you can work on getting through this sooner rather than later so that it doesn't hinder their academic performance.

Learn Together

When students get older, their homework can get more challenging. This is true for parents as well. If your child is in high school and is struggling with an advanced class, you may be reluctant to even try helping them. Rather than telling them you never took that class, work with your child to find the solution to their questions. You can go over notes together, look up solutions online, and do research together. This will help you learn something new while also encouraging your child to stay curious and not give up when they have tough questions. If your child needs more help completing their homework or keeping up with their lessons, tutoring in Santa Rosa is a great option. The academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa CA may be just what your child needs to get back to their best. To learn more about these, give their learning center a call at (707) 521-9590.

Attend School Events

During the academic year, most schools host at least a couple of events meant to encourage parents to visit the school and get to know what their children are working on. Don't blow off these events since they offer the perfect opportunity for you to stay informed and involved. Your child will likely be eager for you to meet their teacher and will want to show you around their classroom.

Be a Volunteer

Not only do schools host events like back to school night and open houses, but they oftentimes need volunteers to help with these events. If your child's school has a PTA or if they ever need volunteers, this is a great way to stay involved in your child's academic world. By being a volunteer and being present, your child will get the right signal that you like to be involved and that you care about their performance at school.

Ask About School

The easiest way to stay involved is by simply asking your child about school. You can do this daily on your drive home from school or when you greet your child after school. Have a natural conversation with them about how their day went, what they learned, and what activities they did. Listen to them and ask questions about what they tell you so that they know you're listening and are interested. It doesn't all have to be academic talk either. Ask them about their friends and listen to them talk about whatever they want to share.

Academic Tutoring in Santa Rosa, CA

To ensure your child performs at their best this school year, enroll them in tutoring in Santa Rosa. The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa CA offers a number of academic programs that can help your child succeed. Give them a call at (707) 521-9590 to ask about your free diagnostic assessment.


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