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Many children may not be happy about having to take online classes, but this doesn't mean they won't be good. Help your child do their best and have a successful year with these tips.

What You Need to Succeed With Online Classes

As the new school year kicks off, your child may be having a hard time adapting to taking classes online. It's fair to say that this change can be hard, especially since it means missing out on social activities that make school more fun. Even so, your child has to do their best to make the best of the year. Use these tips to encourage them to have a great school year.

Set up a Neat Workspace

In order to have a productive school year, your child will need a workspace that allows them to get their work done comfortably. Since it's unclear how long online classes will be the norm for, find an area in your home that your child can turn into their workspace for the foreseeable future. If possible get them a desk, a comfortable chair, and a computer to work on. Set this area up in an area where they won't get distracted easily so that they have an easier time staying absorbed in their lessons.

Prepare for Class

Having a neat workspace is only the first step. Your child will also have to be ready for class before it starts. Rather than waiting to sign in to class at the last minute, your child should prepare ahead of time. In fact, your child should get up at their normal time and get ready for school like always. Your child should also turn on their laptop well before their class is due to start just to be sure there are no issues with it or with the internet. They should also sign in to class a few minutes before it starts just to be sure there are no issues with the information they have.

Schedule Breaks

Since your child will be spending more time in front of a screen, it's important that they make time for breaks. Not only will they be taking classes online, but they will also probably have to complete homework and classwork online. This means tons of screen time, which can get exhausting. Before your child gets burned out, schedule breaks for them every hour or so. They should use this time to step away from all screens and give their eyes a break. They can take a quick nap, have a snack, or play with a pet before heading back to work. If your child can use some extra help getting back to their academic best, enroll them in tutoring in Santa Rosa. You can the right program for your child by checking out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa CA. To learn more about these, give their learning center a call at (707) 521-9590.

Set School Year Goals

Just like during any other school year, your child should set goals to keep them on track. If they had already made goals for the school year, they can stick with these and make adjustments to them as needed. Help your child make these changes and check in on them every so often so that they are able to stay motivated.

Keep Your School Things Organized

Many students may think that keeping their school supplies organized will be easier since they won't be transporting them back and forth. On the contrary, it may be tougher to stay organized because their school supplies will need to fit somewhere in your home, likely your child's room. Encourage your child to clean out their desk or workspace every week so that there isn't any extra clutter getting in their way. Since most of their work will be digital, remind your child to develop a filing system to keep all of their work in order.

Take School Seriously

This school year may feel very different from previous years, but this doesn't mean your child can just sit back and not take it seriously. Adjusting to this new way of doing things can be tough and it can take commitment, but it's important that your child does. Remind them to take it seriously and not use it as a chance to get distracted and goof off.

Academic Tutoring in Santa Rosa, CA

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