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If your child seriously dislikes doing homework, you may be able to get them to change their attitude. Check out these useful homework time tips to make this task easier for them.

Make Homework Time a Breeze

After a long day in class, it's only normal that your child isn't exactly excited by the idea of having to complete their homework. However, homework is great practice and helps reinforce their class lessons. If your child has trouble getting started or completing their homework on a nightly basis, they may need a little help developing strategies to get it done. The following tips are a good place to start.

Create an After School Routine

Sometimes the hardest part is finding the motivation to get started on a task. You can help your child overcome this by creating an after-school schedule that dictates when they need to start their homework. By implementing this routine every day, it will become much easier for your child to start their homework out of habit at the same time every day. While they may put up a resistance to an after-school routine or homework time at first, this will get easier with practice.

Get Homework out of the Way Early

When creating your child's after-school routine, it's best to include their homework time earlier in the day. Most children won't want to do their homework right after school and they may not be at their most productive as soon as they get home. Give them time to grab a healthy snack or take a quick nap, but make sure their homework is done before dinner. The earlier they get it out of the way, the better. This can help reduce any stress caused by leaving their homework for last since they may not finish it by their bedtime.

Focus on Organization

Organization is a skill that all students should work to perfect while they're still in school. Not only will it help make their academic career easier, it can also help them as they transition into young professionals. To start, give your child a day planner that they can use to keep track of their daily homework assignments, test dates, project deadlines, and other commitments. They can also benefit from a weekly cleaning day when they can dedicate some time to tidying up their workspace, backpack, and folders. This will ensure they have a less distractive work area and that no important papers go missing. Tutoring in Santa Rosa is a great option for students who are struggling to complete their daily homework assignments. A tutor can work with your child so that they get all the extra support they need to reach academic success. Contact The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa CA at (707) 521-9590 to learn about how their academic programs can help your child excel.

Practice Time Management

Time management can be tricky for students because they have so much going on. From academics to extracurricular activities, it may seem like they're always busy, but are they making the most of their time? If your child tries to multitask, they may end up wasting more time than if they were to concentrate on one task at a time. Teach them to make daily to-do lists so that they can keep track of everything they have to do. Have them estimate how long each task will take them so that they have a timeframe to work with. This can help cut out distractions and can help keep them on task. In the end, this can result in a better use of their time.

Take Breaks

If your child is having trouble with an assignment or a problem, they may benefit from taking a step back and taking a break. Allow your child to take small 10-minute breaks every so often so that they can refresh their mind and return to their work more relaxed and motivated. If they were stuck on a problem for a while, this can help them clear their mind and approach the problem from a different angle.

Get Plenty of Rest

Getting the right amount of sleep is important for many reasons, and can actually affect your child's homework time. If your child isn't getting enough sleep, they will arrive at school tired, unable to focus, and will have more trouble understanding their lessons. Once they're home and trying to complete their homework, they will have a harder time remembering vital information, making it even harder to complete their assignments. To prevent these issues, set a bedtime that ensures they will get the right amount of sleep every night.

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