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School can be extremely stressful for students, especially since academics are more competitive than ever. If you're worried that your child is feeling overwhelmed, look out for these signs.

Detect Stress in Your Child

Students of all ages can get stressed out by school, especially when they're left to deal with changes they didn't see coming. If you're worried that your child feels overwhelmed by their current academic demands, look out for these signs of stress.

Negativity Towards School

Many people assume that all students have a serious dislike of school, but this usually isn't true. In fact, most students enjoy school because there are some pretty nice parts to it. While your child may not enjoy homework and tests, they likely enjoy going to school to see their friends, participate in activities, and probably even enjoy most of their classes. If this is their normal attitude towards school, but you notice a negative shift to it, there may be something going on. Students who feel stressed, overwhelmed, or burned out may develop a negative attitude towards anything school-related. They may get angry or upset anytime the subject is brought up. If this is the case, talk to your child about whatever is happening that has caused this change.

Unhealthy Habits

Stress can cause students to develop unhealthy habits that were otherwise not an issue. Feeling overwhelmed can lead to your child losing sleep, which can impact their daily life. They may have trouble falling asleep because they feel worried or anxious and may not get much rest when they are asleep. Similarly, stress can cause a change in your child's eating habits. They may start overeating because of how they're feeling, or they may eat too little. Either way, keep an eye on your child's daily habits to make it easier to note any changes in these.

Loss of Concentration

When your child is feeling stressed, whatever is on their mind can get in the way of their concentration. If your child used to breeze through their homework, but you've noticed they now have a hard time staying focused on what's right in front of them, it's likely something in their head won't let them concentrate. After ruling out common distractors like hunger, sleepiness, and items in their work area, talk to your child about whatever is going on that just won't let them focus.

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Avoiding Social Situations

Another change you may see in your child is that they no longer enjoy social settings. If your child used to be chatty, outgoing, and engaged, but you've noticed they now keep to themselves, avoid social outings, and are withdrawn, something may be going on. Whether they're feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or burned out, you must sit and talk to them. Let them get whatever it is that's bothering them off their chest. Work together to find a solution for their stress to go back to being themselves without any serious worries.

Abandoning Hobbies

Similar to the last point, students who are feeling a lot of pressure may also abandon hobbies they used to really enjoy. In some cases, school stress or feeling overwhelmed by their workload will make them skip out on other activities that used to be a great source of stress-relief and fun. If your child no longer wants to participate in activities they loved, talk to them about this change. You may find that your child has outgrown them, or there may be something else that's bothering them.

Acting out for Small Things

Finally, it's not uncommon for stress to lead children to act out more than usual. If your child feels like they're under a lot of pressure and feels overwhelmed, they may be quicker to anger and act out. Things that feel small and insignificant to you may feel like too much for them, pushing them to act out.

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