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The SAT can cause many students to get stressed out way before their test day arrives. To help your child be better prepared for the exam and lose some of the stress, check out these SAT prep tips.

Tricks and Tips to Make Preparing for the SAT Easier

It's no secret that the SAT is a pretty big deal for high school students and their parents alike. After all, your child's results can make a difference when it comes time to apply to college. All of the pressure on your child to get a high score can be quite stressful, but the right preparation can help reduce the stress they're feeling. To help your child prepare for their test day, use these tips.

What Does the SAT Test?

The SAT is constantly changing, so doing a bit of research on it before your child's test day arrives is a must. Sometimes the changes to the exam are subtle while some years have seen major changes, so do your best to get comfortable with the current version along with your child. When doing your SAT research, start by looking up what the exam will be testing. In general terms, the exam focuses on three general subject areas: reading, writing, and math. The reading and writing portions are broken down into two main components. The reading component will have the student read passages and then answer multiple choice questions about the meaning of certain words in the passage, the main idea of the passage, etc. The writing and language portion will also have the student read passages and then answer multiple choice questions related to the passages. The difference is that in this section the student will be asked to fix mistakes in the passages or make them better. The math portion will mainly test your child's algebra skills although some geometry and trigonometry will also be included. This section is broken down into two parts: one which allows the use of calculators and another section that must be completed without a calculator. Most of the questions will be multiple choice, but your child should be prepared for some grid-ins or free response questions. Finally, your child's writing can also be tested in the optional essay portion. Since not all universities require this score for their college applications, not all students will take it. If your child does plan to take this part of the exam they should be prepared to read a short passage and write a complete essay analyzing the writer's argument. To help your child prepare for the SAT, enroll them in tutoring in Santa Rosa. The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa CA offers SAT test prep programs that can help your child be better prepared for their test day. To learn more about these programs or any of their other academic programs, give their learning center a call at (707) 521-9590.

Tips to Help Your Child Prepare for the SAT

Now that your child has registered for the exam and has a set test day, it's time to start preparing. Before your child starts making study plans, have them start off their preparations by taking a practice test. This will work as a diagnostic exam so that they can figure out what areas to focus their study efforts on so that they can reach their goal score. If your child needs help tackling their studying, enrolling them in a tutoring program dedicated to test- prep is a great idea. As their test day gets closer, have your child take another practice test so that they can get used to the timing. The SAT is quite long, so this will help them prepare mentally for their test day. The day before the exam should be a relaxing one without studying so that your child can avoid excess stress and anxiety on their test day.

Test Taking Strategies

Studying for the test is a great way to ensure your child gets a great score, but don't forget to include test-taking strategies in your plans. Teach your child some effective strategies that can make them feel more at ease, focused, and prepared such as time management tips and the process of elimination for multiple choice questions. It's also worth noting that the SAT doesn't have a penalty for wrong answers, so your child should answer every question even if they don't have enough time to read the questions. Finally, encourage your child to read everything carefully, from the directions to test questions and possible answers. It helps to underline important information in the directions and questions, and since they can mark up their test booklet as much as they need, there's no reason not to.

After School Tutoring in Santa Rosa, CA Works

Tutoring in Santa Rosa may be just what your child needs to reach their highest SAT score yet. Check out the SAT prep programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa CA and learn all about how these can help your child be better prepared for the exam. To learn more about these programs or any other academic programs, give their learning center a call at (707) 521-9590 and don't forget to ask about your free diagnostic assessment.


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