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There's bound to be one class in your child's schedule that they simply don't like. This can make that class much harder to study for. To ensure they study and do well in it anyway, use these tips.

How Your Child Can Study for a Class They Don't Like

It's not realistic to expect students to like every class they're enrolled in, but even if there's a class your child doesn't like, you still want them to do well in it. Once you've identified what class your child thinks is a total bore or too challenging, use these study techniques to make it easier to ace the class.

Plan Study Time

Studying for a class they don't like is probably the last thing your child wants to do, but there's no way around it. A good strategy that can make this easier is planning their study time. Start by deciding with your child how long their study session will be and what time they will set aside to study. This will help them commit to actually doing it. Once this is set, have your child pick out specific topics or units they will be studying in the allotted time. Remind your child to schedule small breaks in their study time so that they can get up, stretch, and recharge before heading back to their books.

Study With Classmates

Group study sessions may not be a parent's favorite thing, but these can actually be very productive and helpful for your child. If your child is having a hard time with a class, have them invite some classmates over so that they can study together. This group effort can add some fun into their studying so that it doesn't feel like such a chore. Your child's classmates can help your child learn the material from a new perspective, which can make it easier to understand and even more interesting.

Ask for Help

Sometimes, a class will be so challenging that your child will want to give up and not even try. If they've already fallen behind, it can seem impossible to catch up. This can lead them to severely dislike the class and even school as a whole. If your child is being challenged to the point where they want to give up on the class, some extra help may actually be all they need. If you've tried to help but haven't' had much luck, look for a tutoring program that can get them back on track. Get your child the extra help they need to succeed by enrolling them in tutoring in Santa RosaThe Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa CA offers a number of academic programs that can help target your child's needs and get them back on the right track. You can learn more about these by giving their learning center a call at (707) 521-9590.

Change a Negative Attitude

Once your child has decided they don't like a class, they may have a negative attitude every time the class comes up or anything related to it. This can make it extremely hard to do homework for the class and even harder to study for it. To make it just a bit easier, help your child change their negative attitude before diving into homework or studying. If they do enter a study session already feeling defeated and negative, chances are they'll spend this study session distracted and not really focused on the work in front of them.

Find Your Child's Learning Style

Studying can be tough for students, but if they don't know their learning style, it can be even tougher. Do your best to figure out your child's learning style or combination of styles. Once you have this figured out, look for study techniques that are more effective for their style. Traditional study techniques may not work for them, but once you have something that is conducive to how they learn, it'll get much easier no matter how much they dislike the class.

Make Studying Fun

Sometimes it takes a little bit of fun to make it through a tough study session. Don't hesitate to make your child's study time more fun as long as they are learning and focusing on their work. Fix them their favorite drink so that they can sip on it as they read, get them their favorite snack for one of their study breaks, or act out some of their lessons to make them easier to remember.

After School Tutoring in Santa Rosa, CA

Tutoring in Santa Rosa is a great option for students of all ages. Whether your child is struggling or wants to get ahead, The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa CA has academic programs that can help them reach their academic goals. Call them at (707) 521-9590 to learn more!


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