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Grades can be a huge cause of stress for students, especially if they think they aren't doing their best. To help your child lose some of this stress, use these tips from The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa, CA.

How to Address Grades With Your Student

For many students, report cards are one of the worst parts of school. They may be stressed thinking about their report card and their parents' reaction to their grades. For them, their grades are the most important thing ever, and not performing at their best can feel like the end of the world. To ensure your child does well and doesn't stress too much over grades, talk to them about these things.

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Don't Wait Until They Get Their Report Card

Waiting until your child has received their report card to talk about grades can make this more stressful for your child. It's best to discuss this early on and establish your expectations. It would help if you also asked your child what their own expectations and goals are regarding quarter, semester, and final grades. This will give them a clear target to aim for rather than just getting by. They also won't be taken by surprise when their grades arrive since they will be following up on their overall grade more often.

Talk About Effort

All students are different. Some students have an easier time grasping specific lessons and perform well with minimal effort. Others, however, don't have it so easy. It can be harder for them to do well on a test they studied for, even if they're trying their best. Because of this, final grades may not be an accurate representation of how hard they've tried or improved. Be sure to recognize your child's efforts and encourage them to keep working hard. They must learn how significant their effort is and that they know you see them working hard.

Point out Their Strengths

There may be some subjects your child loves and in which they perform better. Acknowledge their good performance in these areas and focus some of your attention on where they have excelled. If they've shown improvement in a subject that isn't their favorite, be sure to point this out as well. This balance is needed so that they don't only see those areas that need improvement and feel down about all of their grades.

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Understand That Bad Grades Happen

Parents want their children to do great across all subjects, but this isn't always a reality. Avoid getting angry or yelling at them for performing below your expectations. Likely, they're already feeling down or disappointed in themselves, and this will only make it seem worse. Do address the areas that need improvement, but approach it from a positive angle. Try to understand what the root of the problem is and how to work on it.

Come up With a Plan

While talking to your child about grades, don't forget to ask them how they're feeling. They may have some regrets from previous grades they've gotten, or they may shed some light on how much pressure they're feeling at school. Ask them where they want to improve and look for opportunities in that area. You may find that your child's study space has too many distractions and needs to be changed. Your child may be having a hard time following a lesson because they didn't fully learn the previous ones. They may even be distracted in class because of where they sit. It's essential to make a note of all these things so you can come up with a plan together to help your child improve.

Take Action

After coming up with an improvement plan, your child must take action. Get to work together and create actionable steps your child can easily follow. Ask how you can help or consider additional tools that will benefit your child, such as tutoring.

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