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Getting good grades in school isn't easy for all students to achieve. If your child has suddenly started getting lower grades , use these tips to get them back to their best.

How to Improve a Student's Grades

School can be tough for many students, so getting perfect grades can be a real challenge. If your child is performing lower than you know they're capable of, this can be the result of a number of issues, not just a lack of interest. If you want to help your child reach grades they'll be proud to show you, check out these tips from The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa CA.

Check Your Child's Homework

Your child may complete their homework daily without a fight, but this doesn't necessarily mean they've understood their class lessons. In fact, your child may complete their homework seemingly without issue only to get it back from their teacher covered in red marks. By making the time to check your child's homework once it's complete, you can discover any issues before they have a chance to grow. If your child thinks they understood a lesson but their homework says otherwise, checking their assignments will allow you to tackle these misinterpretations before they can affect your child's grades.

Make School More Fun

Most students don't jump for joy when you mention school or anything school related, which isn't abnormal. If your child has a serious disinterest in school, however, this can negatively affect their grades. You can make their work more bearable or even fun by simply relating it to things they do enjoy. For example, young students who are just learning to count may enjoy practicing counting exercises with toys they like. You may even consider incentives to keep your child motivated. Don't forget to recognize their hard work and improvement so that they can feel proud of their accomplishments.

Ask the Teacher for Help

If your child's grades are declining, their teacher can offer some insight into what the issue may be. Since teachers spend a significant amount of time with your student in an academic environment, they may catch certain behaviors or habits that you haven't noticed. Your child may get easily distracted in the classroom or they may be too timid to ask for help. With the teacher's help, you can catch these behaviors and work on turning them around. Your child's teacher can also point you in the direction of additional academic resources that can help your child master their class lessons. If your child is struggling to maintain their GPA at its best, tutoring in Santa Rosa can help them get back to their best. Check out the tutoring programs at The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa CA to learn more about how they can help. Give them a call at (707) 521-9590 to get your child started today.

Get to the Root of the Issue

Low grades aren't always the result of a student being disinterested in school or them not trying their best. There are a number of reasons that have nothing to do with a child's interest that can negatively affect their academic performance. For example, if your child has low self-esteem, they may think they're not capable of learning, leading them to give up on school altogether. Students who are having a hard time keeping up with their lessons may be scared to admit they can't keep up without some extra help. As hard as they may be trying, they may not be able to catch up on their own. The best way to get to the root of the issue is to sit down and talk with your child about how you can help.

Develop Better Study Skills

If it seems like your child is doing well overall but their test scores say otherwise, your child may just need some help developing more effective study skills. Since study skills aren't always taught in school, it can be hard for a student to know what effective studying looks like. The truth is that it can vary by student since not all study techniques will work with all students. To figure out what can work for your student, first focus on figuring out what type of learner they are. This will give you a better idea as to what resources can help them. For example, if your child is an auditory learner they may benefit more from listening to their lessons than reading them.

After School Tutoring in Santa Rosa, CA Works

Whether your child needs help with their study skills or with a class that's just too hard, tutoring in Santa Rosa is here to help. The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa CA offers a number of academic programs that can help your child succeed. Learn all about these by giving their learning center a call at (707) 521-9590. Be sure to ask about scheduling your free diagnostic assessment.


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