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Preparing a school presentation can be a daunting task for students. To help your child get their presentation just right and lose the nerves around it, use these tips.

Help Your Child Prepare a School Presentation

If your child has a class presentation coming up, help them prepare their best presentation yet. With a bit of structure and some practice, they can wow their classmates with an engaging and fun presentation. To help your child get it done, use these tips as they prepare.

Give the Presentation Structure

Just like an essay needs structure, so will your child's presentation. This will ensure they are able to follow an order that makes sense and that makes it easier to understand their topic. Have your child start with an introduction. This should be a quick explanation or overview of what their presentation will be about. If they are presenting in front of an audience that doesn't know them, this is also when they should introduce themselves briefly. Once the introduction is done, it's time to move into the body of the presentation. This should be the longest part of the presentation and it's where your child should get into the details and the most important information. Finally, instead of ending their presentation abruptly, remind your child to include a conclusion. This will allow them to tie everything together and bring their presentation to a smooth close.

Prepare a Visual Aid

In most cases, students are asked to prepare a visual aid that will go along with their presentation. The most common visual aid includes slides that are projected in the classroom. If your child is preparing slides, help them get these just right. The first rule is to make them visually appealing. This means using a color scheme that is friendly to the eyes and that is appealing. Remind your child to limit the amount of text on their slides and to include images, charts, or graphs that help present their information in a more visual manner. The text that is included, however, should be readable. This means using a clear font, a decent size, and a color that contrasts well with the background.

Learn the Presentation All the Way Through

Sometimes having a visual aid can actually hurt your child's presentation if they're not fully prepared. Students who fill up their slides with text can often end up reading these to the class instead of talking to the class and engaging them. For this reason, it's important for your child to limit the text on their visual aid and learn their presentation all the way through. This will ensure they are facing the class and not boring them by reading information from their slides. Get your child on the right academic track with some help from tutoring in Santa Rosa. The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa CA has tons of great academic programs that can help students of all ages succeed. Learn more about these programs by giving their learning center a call at (707) 521-9590.

Be Assertive During the Presentation

The way your child presents themselves in front of the classroom can also have a large impact on how their presentation goes. Teach your child to adopt a posture that shows confidence. Remind them to stand up tall, look at their audience, and use the space they're given to move around. It may be tempting to stand behind a desk or podium, but this shows that they're nervous and trying to hide. By being assertive and making eye contact with audience members your child will grab their attention.

Use Your Voice

Your child's voice during their presentation can either work to grab their audience's attention or bore them. Your child must first ensure they are speaking loud enough for everyone in the classroom to hear them or else they'll lose part of their audience. Next, they need to make sure they're speaking at the right speed so that people can keep up and actually understand what they're presenting. Finally, your child should practice talking with inflection. Adding some sort of emphasis to important parts of their presentation will ensure it's not monotone and that their audience picks up on these important parts.

Academic Tutoring in Santa Rosa, CA Works

If you want to ensure your child is able to reach their academic goals this school year, enroll them in tutoring in Santa Rosa. The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa CA offers plenty of academic programs that can target your child's needs and get them on track for success. You can learn all about these by giving their learning center a call at (707) 521-9590. Be sure to ask about your free diagnostic assessment.


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