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Messy handwriting isn't uncommon in most schools, but this doesn't mean you should just let it go. To help your child improve their penmanship, use these handwriting tips.

How to Improve Your Child's Handwriting

If you're having trouble understanding your child's handwriting, chances are you aren't the only one. There are a number of different reasons why penmanship matters, so don't let your child neglect this skill. Before their handwriting starts to negatively affect their grades, use these tips from The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa to help your child improve their penmanship.

Take It Slow

If your child has trouble understanding their own class notes or if their teacher has trouble understanding their test answers, their handwriting will definitely be in need of some improvement. In many cases, messy handwriting under these circumstances may be the result of rushing. Your child may be trying to write down everything their teacher says while taking notes or they may feel rushed to finish an assignment or timed test. As they rush, their penmanship will suffer. What good are notes if your child can't read them? To prevent these types of issues, tell your child to slow down and focus on writing things that will be useful. Teach them to take more effective notes and learn to deal with test-taking anxiety so that they don't feel so stressed and rushed.

Don't Put So Much Pressure on the Pencil

When students have a hard time forming letters that look as neat as the ones on their worksheets, they can start to get a bit frustrated. This can lead them to increase the amount of pressure they're putting on their pencil in hopes of gaining better control over it. This increase in pressure may actually lead them to lose even more control over their writing, leading to messier letters. Before your child grows even more frustrated, have them release a bit of the pressure they're exerting on their pencil so that they have an easier time writing. By writing more lightly, they'll have better control and it will be easier to clean up mistakes.

Work on Motor Skills

Working on developing motor skills is a must for students who are just learning to write. Since writing requires multiple body parts to work together to get the job done, practicing these skills is important. There are plenty of fun activities your child can do in order to sharpen their motor skills. Making beaded bracelets, paper crafts, tracing letters in sand, making puzzles, and sewing are all great ways to practice motor skills. If your child needs additional help mastering their class lessons, tutoring in Santa Rosa can help them reach success. Check out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa CATo learn more about these or to schedule your free diagnostic assessment, give their learning center a call at (707) 521-9590.

Grip the Pencil Comfortably

The way your child holds their pencil can greatly influence the neatness of their handwriting. Before even helping them with their grip, be sure your child is using the hand they feel most comfortable writing with. Forcing them to use the other hand can make writing a serious challenge. Once they've decided what hand is most comfortable for writing, have them grip the pencil and start writing. If your child drops the pencil frequently or if they lose their grip often, they may not be holding it the most effective way. Look at how your child is holding the pencil and make some adjustments that can help them grip the pencil more comfortably and with more control.

Use Lined Paper to Practice

Lined paper is a great tool your child can use to practice their handwriting skills. The lines work as the perfect guide for their letters, establishing a general size for all of them. As your child starts writing, remind them that their uppercase letters should start at the bottom line and reach the top line. Their lowercase letters should also start at the bottom line and reach halfway up to the top line. There are exceptions, of course, including letters that dip below the bottom line. As they practice this, be sure to also pay attention to the spacing between letters and words.

After School Tutoring in Santa Rosa, CA

Whether it's penmanship that needs improvement or trouble with math classes, tutoring in Santa Rosa can help your child overcome academic challenges. Check out The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa CA and all of the academic programs they offer. You can give them a call at (707) 521-9590 to learn more about their tutoring options.


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