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As the midpoint of the school year gets closer, you may notice your child is losing motivation fast. Use these tips to help your child regain their motivation and continue through the year strong.

Help Your Child Make It Past the Midyear Slump

The beginning of the school year is always an exciting time for students. Not only are they looking forward to seeing their friends again, the idea of a new teacher, a new classroom, and even a new school can make them at least a little bit eager to get up and head to class. However, as the newness wears off and they get closer to the middle of the school year, they can start to lose their motivation. If this describes what your child is currently going through, check out these tips to help them make it through the midyear slump.

Change up Routines

One of the biggest factors that contributes to the midyear slump is the fact that nothing is new and everything has become a boring routine. This doesn't mean routines should be thrown out the window, especially since routines are a great way to establish order in your child's day. Their morning routine ensures they have an easy time getting ready in the morning, an after-school routine makes it easy for them to get their homework done efficiently, and a bedtime routine is a great way to ensure your child gets the right amount of sleep each night. However, after months of practicing these routines daily, they can turn into a real drag. The midyear point is ideal for assessing what's working, what isn't working, and what can be improved in these routines. Changing them up a bit can help your child not feel so bored while still maintaining order.

Eliminate Boredom

After the newness of the school year wears off, your child may get bored in the classroom. If your child is lacking motivation or a bit of challenge to keep them going, look for stimulating activities you can practice at home or after school. Enrolling your child in an extracurricular activity can give them something new and exciting to look forward to a couple times a week and can help stimulate their brain. You can also look for fun games and challenges to play at home that complement your child's homework or the current lessons they're learning in the classroom. Look for fun science experiments, set up a scavenger hunt with clues relating to one of their classes, or find a game that makes math practice fun. Tutoring in Santa Rosa is a great option for students who are bored in the classroom. To help your child find their motivation and improve their learning attitude, contact The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa CAGive their learning center a call at (707) 521-9590 to learn all about their academic programs.

Reassess Goals

If your child set goals at the beginning of the school year, the midyear point is the ideal moment to check in on these goals and assess their progress. Have a chat with your child about how their plans to meet their goals are holding up. They may have come across some challenges or setbacks, so reassure them that this is ok. They may be right on track to meet some of their goals, but others may need some adjustments. Work with your child to make the necessary adjustments to their plans and let them know that you appreciate the effort and work they've put in to get to where they are.

Consider Introducing Incentives

It's easy for students to lose their motivation as the school year seems to drag on forever. In order to keep them interested in their lessons, consider some incentives to reward their hard work. These don't have to be new toys or money, they can be educational rewards that complement their school lessons. For example, if your child moves up a reading level, reward them with a book they've been looking forward to reading. You can also treat them with a trip to a museum or art gallery for a good grade on a difficult test that they studied hard for.

Enroll Your Child in Tutoring in Santa Rosa, CA

If your child is having trouble keeping up their classmates because they've lose their motivation, tutoring can help them catch up and get motivated to continue moving forward. Find the best after school tutoring programs around at The Tutoring Center, Santa Rosa CA. To learn all about their tutoring options, give them a call at (707) 521-9590 Don't forget to ask about your free diagnostic assessment!


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